The miracle blanket saved our lives! Our son wanted to be swaddled but would get out of every generic swaddler with velcro or that we’d try to do ourselves with receiving blankets. The Miracle Blanket®… Read more »

Incredible product! Once my friend let me borrow her miracle blanket and my baby slept 11 hrs!

I used the miracle blanket for the 1st time when helping my niece with her 2 month old baby. I immediately purchased 2 for another new baby in the family. It works because the baby… Read more »

This is a great product. We used them for our daughter, and are now buying them for our friends’ babies.

The best baby gift new parents could receive is a “Miracle Blanket®”. My husband and I had our first child, Kate, on 11/16/05. At first she slept fine, waking only at 4:30 to eat. As… Read more »

My name is Brandi and I live in Houston, Texas. I had a baby on Jan. 5th and received the blanket for a gift for our preemie baby girl. I thought it would be something… Read more »

I just wanted to come and write a review on your Miracle Blanket®. I received one as a gift for the birth of my son.I LOVE it! The fabric is perfect, even for my cold… Read more »

I bought Miracle Blanket®s for both my daughter and daughter-in-law and they were AMAZING! Both the babies were born in the winter and slept like angels in their blankets. Wish I had known about the… Read more »

I am the happy mother of a 10 month old happy baby girl. Simply put, our discovery of the Miracle Blanket® (a forgotten gift in our baby’s closet) when she was 6 weeks old was

Our first grandchild had one purchased by his Mom (our daughter) when the traditional swaddling of his regular receiving blankets was not working. The Miracle Blanket® was the only solution and it very rapidly symbolized… Read more »